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Friday, January 27, 2012

Traditional Garden Design

Traditional garden can be wonderful view if you can arrange the plants with nice color, Garden will look more romantic and comfortable when we create traditional garden design. Traditional garden style depend on which area you are living. For an example in ASIA, you can learn and look at classic Chinese or Japanese style. In these country, they have many of interesting plants and flowers with nice color.

But if you live in Europe, beautiful garden design with traditional style may you can see some countries such as UK (London), Holland, and also France. Anyway, there are some tips for you how to make your outdoor environment look like traditional or classic garden style :

Traditional garden design Chinese style (Wikipedia)

Traditional garden design Japanese style (Minimalisti)

Traditional garden design Franche (Franchesca W.)

  • Clean and prepare the land area by removing any sod or old plant life within the area
  • Select the type of flowers or vegetables that you will be planting
  • Prepare the place (vase) for small plant or flowers
  • Make or buy the compost for nutrient of your plants
  • This is also important for you, The weather in your area of course.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Garden Design Sytle

A garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. Garden design is the creation of plans for the layout and planting of gardens and landscapes. (Wikipedia).

To get nice garden design style you must learn some tips how to create perfect garden according to your home interior design. Some tips that basically you need to know are list bellow :
  • Learn about how/where to put (using) plants. It's about consideration for their horticultural requirements, their season-to-season appearance, lifespan, growth habit, size, speed of growth, and combination with other plants and landscape features.
  • How the garden will be used. Garden design can be roughly divided into two groups, formal and naturalistic gardens.
  • How much Budget do you have. It will decide you to choose and buy fewer plants and hardscape materials.

There are some garden design style may give you an idea to create your home garden design, including interesting pictures each style :

-Traditional garden. This landscape style is all about creating romance with beautiful plants, statues and other items.

- Modern garden. This is about European gardening styles and influence came from across the Atlantic ocean. The Modern garden style embodies clean, simple, geometric forms and architectural planting. Stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and Ipe wood exude good taste and quality in a horizontal, elegant design. This garden style also called as contemporary garden style, Trees in a contemporary garden tend to have a more upright habit, so they become a structural element.

If you don't have enough space to create your landscape garden style, here are some nice design for you to arrange what you can prepare with small size area on your home garden design style ;

- Clever corner plant stand. You can buy three-tier corner plant stand, put your plan and flower into pots or container.

- Create an office outdoors. Turn your outdoor plot into a workspace, use colorful woodstain and see the plans that look similar color.

- Wall shelving. You can make your wall for garden style also. Choose the plans that nice preformance when you put them on the wall.

- Patio gardening.If you have no flower beds to speak of and your garden consists of a square of concrete, bring it to life by mixing up a jumble of planters filled with bright blooms.

- Minimalist garden. minimalist garden features a built-in bench painted in Ivory Stone paint. You can design them as modern or contemporary style, make a surfaces like wood, slate and metal create a garden that looks sleek, streamlined and spacious.

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