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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home Garden Design

When you make new house, you need to think all aspect inside and outside home design's plan. If we talking about home design, it's may focus to the room style, furniture and accessorizes that we arrange and choose to select a thing to make Us comfort stay at home. But now we are talking about Garden design or landscaping only.

Garden designs are according to size of land, home design, region style (Asian, American, Europe or Middle East). To start make your garden design actually it is not that much difficult if you already decide what kind of your home design style performance, for example natural home design of course better for you to plan your garden design as natural style.

Nature garden design will bring you to create the landscape area with more plants and flower, about which color of them simply make it little bit same color with paint of your outside home wall. It's look nice if natural garden design with more green and purple color (green three with purple flower). Layered flowerbeds combined with a patio area will turn a wild neglected hill into a stunning garden. Try landscaping and terracing it to add character to it and create interest if you have enough space on your garden area.

May be some of you interesting to make your garden design as romantic cottage style. For this plan, you must consider to colorful your landscaping idea with pink rose flower or cool blue flower. Flowers, trees and shrubs create style, depth and character, so pick carefully and you will wow visitors with your magnificent outdoor creation. Remember that combining and arranging plants is the real art of home garden design.

OK, next article we will talk more details about arranging layout to make your home garden design more interesting style for the visitor who come to your house. If from outside of your house people are see the nice garden design style, of course they will think and expecting about your perfect interior home design. So, don't miss to read our next home garden design!

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