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Friday, January 27, 2012

Traditional Garden Design

Traditional garden can be wonderful view if you can arrange the plants with nice color, Garden will look more romantic and comfortable when we create traditional garden design. Traditional garden style depend on which area you are living. For an example in ASIA, you can learn and look at classic Chinese or Japanese style. In these country, they have many of interesting plants and flowers with nice color.

But if you live in Europe, beautiful garden design with traditional style may you can see some countries such as UK (London), Holland, and also France. Anyway, there are some tips for you how to make your outdoor environment look like traditional or classic garden style :

Traditional garden design Chinese style (Wikipedia)

Traditional garden design Japanese style (Minimalisti)

Traditional garden design Franche (Franchesca W.)

  • Clean and prepare the land area by removing any sod or old plant life within the area
  • Select the type of flowers or vegetables that you will be planting
  • Prepare the place (vase) for small plant or flowers
  • Make or buy the compost for nutrient of your plants
  • This is also important for you, The weather in your area of course.


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